Hygrozyme FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

2-2.5 mL per L of water (8-10 mL/Gallon). It is recommended to use Hygrozyme from the very beginning with every watering or nutrient change out until 1 week before harvest.

For Hygrozyme Concentrate’s usage rate, please visit our Feed Calculator

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Enzymes are proteins, made up of amino acids that act as catalysts – they facilitate, energize, and speed up biochemical reactions. In fact, the rate of reaction can be several million times faster than if left un-catalyzed! An extreme example is orotidine 5′-phosphate decarboxylase, which allows a reaction that would otherwise take millions of years to occur in milliseconds.

Enzymes are not alive nor are they consumed when they catalyze a biochemical reaction. When the biochemical reaction is over, the enzyme is ready to bond to another substrate unit again. Given the right conditions, the enzyme can catalyze the same reaction time and time again.

Enzymes are highly specific. Only when the right enzyme finds the right substrate, does a biochemical reaction occur. This precise interaction means you never have to worry about undesirable effects. For instance, when cellulase breaks down cellulose into simple sugars, you can be sure that is all that will happen. No other material or process will be altered or affected. Therefore, it is important to have the right enzyme formula like Hygrozyme designed specifically to get rid of the undesirable content without affecting the good.

Hygrozyme consists of all the necessary enzymes for breaking down decaying root matter to prevent root rot and increase nutrient uptake in the plant.

Hygrozyme contains an industry leading concentration of 4 core enzymes: 1,000 U/mL Cellulase, 100 U/mL Xylanase, 75 U/mL Hemicellulase and 40 U/mL beta-Glucanase, which are also complemented by a unique blend of additional hydrolytic enzymes to assist in the effective breakdown of dead root matter.

You can use Hygrozyme in all soil and soilless media including RDWC systems. We do not recommend the use of Hygrozyme in your Aquaponics system or fogger.

Hygrozyme is a neutral product with a pH between 4 – 4.5 (variance because our enzymes are derived from natural sources).

Yes, it is recommended that you use Hygrozyme with every growth stage. However, we recommended that you flush and only feed your plants water on the last week before harvest.

Yes, Hygrozyme is compatible with all nutrient and supplement programs.

Yes, you can use beneficial microbes with Hygrozyme. Hygrozyme converts dead root matter into simple sugars which stimulate USE growth (microbes consume simple sugars as a carbon source for their growth). If you are adding beneficial microbes to your system, you have the option to add less beneficial microbes with every watering, as Hygrozyme will support their growth.

Yes. But since Hygrozyme is a complete multi-enzyme blend, no additional enzymatic products are needed.

Hygrozyme is the most effective without hydrogen peroxide, therefore, we do not recommend usingH2O2. In case you still want to use H2O2, do not mix more than 2ml/gallon with Hygrozyme.

Yes, you can use Hygrozyme to flush your system. Mix 0.4 – 0.5 mL of Hygrozyme per liter of water and flush your system. DO NOT use Hygrozyme during the final flush stage. Use Hygrozyme until 1 week before harvest

Hygrozyme is not a cure, it is a preventative.

Hygrozyme accelerates the breakdown of dead root matter, removing the environment for disease and root rot to start. Hygrozyme is not a cure for root rot, it is a prevention if used from the very beginning of the grow cycle.

To preserve the shelf life and potency of the enzymes in Hygrozyme, the best place to store Hygrozyme is away from direct sunlight in a cool place. Keep temperature below 90°F / 32°C for storage. Hygrozyme is still viable once frozen as long the product is brought back to room temperature before application.

Yes, you can use Hygrozyme past the 2-year shelf life however for best results, we recommend Hygrozyme to be used within 2 years from the manufactured date. But Hygrozyme is designed to preserve and stabilize the activity of its highly effective enzyme blend. So if kept in appropriate storage conditions, the enzymes will still be active past the 2-year shelf life. If you plan to use Hygrozyme beyond the 2-year shelf life, continue with recommended usage instructions on the product label. DO NOT increase dosage.

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