Hygroben FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

HYGROBEN™ is composed of 5 different bacillus species that are physiologically compatible with each other. The CFU population of each species is higher in HYGROBEN than in any other product—the higher the population, the greater the microorganisms’ activity, and less product need once a week.

Please read our blog Top 5 bacillus for plant growth promotion to learn more about these species.

1-2 mL per L of water (3.8-7.6 mL/Gallon) per week. Use as a drench/drip application from cuttings/seedling stage to 2 weeks before harvest.

HYGROBEN™ is compatible with most nutrient and supplement programs. HYGROBEN is not soluble in water and will be held in suspension if not mixed constantly.

Yes. You can use HYGROBEN in all soil and soilless media.

A neutral solution with a pH range of 5.5 to 7.

Yes, HYGROBEN can be safely and effectively use with hydrogen peroxide at a dose of no more than 2 mL/gallon.

Yes. For optimal results, use HYGROZYME. By turning dead root matter into simple sugars, HYGROZYME will support HYGROBEN’s beneficials growth (microbes consume simple sugars as a carbon source for their growth!).

Yes. Adding HYGROBEN with mycorrhizal products will not produce any deleterious effects as mycorrhizal products contain different beneficial fungal species which are naturally found in the soil. HYGROBEN is compatible with these types of products and often will function synergistically to provide optimal plant growth via direct and indirect mechanism of actions.

HYGROBEN should be use in its unmodified form to achieve maximal result as the brewing process may cause some of the bacteria strains to grow faster than others, thus altering its optimal balance of the bacteria strains.  Furthermore, some compost tea recipes may impede the propagation of the Bacillus species in HYGROBEN over the other microbes and hinder the brewing process.  We recommend using HYGROBEN as directed.

To preserve the shelf life and potency of the beneficials in HYGROBEN, the best place to store it is away from direct sunlight in a cool place. Keep temperature below 80°F / 27°C for storage. HYGROBEN is still viable once frozen as long the product is brought back to room temperature and well shaken before application.

18 months from manufacturing date. For optimal results, use within 4 months of opening the bottle.


Yes. Best used within 24 hours after mixing. If the mix is left for a prolong period, the Bacillus spores may settle near the container.

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