Hyshield FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1-2 ml per L of water (5-10 mL/Gallon). It is recommended to use HYSHIELD™ throughout your grow (seed, clone, vegetative and bloom stages).

Foliar Application: 3-5 times per week (lights turned off).

Hydroponics, Soil and Other Mediums: Use with every watering or as determined by your feeding schedule (only use with water-soluble nutrients).

Drench Application: Apply directly to root zone 3-5 times per week.

HYSHIELD™ is compatible with all water-soluble nutrients. To test this, we recommend mixing HYSHIELD™ and your nutrient in a jar to test compatibility. If they congeal, use HYSHIELD™ as a foliar or on watering days.

Yes, HYSHIELD™ is effective in all growing media.


High molecular weight chitosan is like a slow release capsule, offering long-lasting support for the plant throughout the entire grow cycle. HYSHIELD™ provides an invisible shield to the root zone and foliage which strengthens with every application, keeping pathogens and pests at bay.

No, you need to continue with your normal feeding regimen. HYSHIELD™ does not replace your nutrients, however it does enhance overall plant nutrition.

HYSHIELD™ is compatible with H2O2 and can be used in conjunction with it.



HYSHIELD™ is compatible and safe to be used with beneficial microbes.

Store in a cool and dry location.

Yes, Hygrozyme and HYSHIELD can be mixed and applied as a drench. However, when adding nutrients to the recipe, conduct a jar test to ensure compatibility.

Order of addition:

1) Mix solid Wettable Powder/Water-Dispersible Granule into water

2) Add soluble solid

3) Add Hygrozyme


No, beneficial insects will not be affected by HYSHIELD™.

When in flower, we recommended spraying on the stalk and applying to the root zone for best results.

HYSHIELD™ contains chitosan which is an active inhibitor of fungal growth. It is a preventative, not a cure.

HYSHIELD™ is a clear, odourless and tasteless formula.

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