Hygropunch™ FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The application rate for Hygropunch™ will depend on disease or pest infestation pressure.  See the table below for the applications rates. Application rate and interval are also available on the product label. Do not exceed a 4% dilution rate.

Begin treatment when pest/disease first appears or when conditions are conducive to the development of pest/disease. Reapply at 7-to-10-day intervals for as long as needed.  For heavy infestation, shorten the application interval to every 3-4 days.

Essential oils are derived from plants through various means.  The essential oils used in Hygropunch™ are listed on the label.

Yes, Hygropunch™ is defined by the US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) as a minimum risk pesticide – FIFRA 25(b) exempt product, meaning that it poses little to no risk to human health or the environment.  Always use the product as directed on the label.

A 1% dilution of Hygropunch™ in water has a pH of around 6.5.

Limited tank mix compatibility has been assessed for Hygropunch™. This product is only intended to be used for foliar applications and must be diluted in water before use.  If unsure, test the product on a small scale before making a large application.  It is always recommended that a jar test be conducted when mixing products to ensure compatibility.

Please review the following table for the mixing order:

Hygropunch™ works on contact as an insecticide and fungicide.  It contains essential oils and is capable of suppressing and controlling pests such as spider mites, aphids, and diseases such as powdery mildew.

Mode of action – Hygropunch™ coats the pests and causes suffocation by blocking breathing holes.  Disrupts cell membrane, causing cell inhibition/death.

Hygropunch™ has a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture. Expiry dates can be found on each product bottle.

No, Hygropunch™ is designed to work as a stable emulsifiable concentrate, meaning that it will readily mix with water as per the label to form a milky white emulsion before application.

Yes, but we do recommend using the product soon after mixing it with water.  However, if the product is left for a prolonged period after mixing with water, it is normal for the emulsion to separate after mixing with water.  If this is the case, simply shake or stir it back into the milky white emulsion before using.

The mixture can last up to 2 weeks upon dilution with water as long as it is stored in a closed container in a dry cool place away from the sun. When ready to use, simply shake or stir it back into the milky white emulsion before using.

Yes, all agricultural pesticides labelled after April 1994 must have the Restricted Entry Interval (REI) stated on the label. Hygropunch™ has zero-hour Re-Entry Intervals (REI), which grants growers greater operational flexibility. This means you can enter the area right after the application.

Since there are numerous plant varieties which may react differently to Hygropunch™, we recommend trying the product on a small area or a few plants to check for burn before using on a large scale, especially for delicate young plants. Apply early or late in the day on outdoor use.  Apply with lights turned off on indoor use.

Yes, Hygropunch™ is OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified.  You can download the Hygropunch™ OMRI certificate through the OMRI website:

About OMRI Listed Products | Organic Materials Review Institute [click here]


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