A powerful blend of concentrated, beneficial enzymes specifically formulated to prevent root rot by accelerating the breakdown of dead root matter—a process that unlocks essential nutrients for your plants.

All ingredients in HYGROZYME® are natural and formulated to work within the optimal temperature and pH range of your crop.

Active Ingredients:

Cellulase 1,000 U/mL
Xylanase 100 U/mL
Hemicellulase 75 U/mL
Beta-Glucanase 40 U/mL


For usage specifications, visit our Feed Calculator page or download our Technical Sell Sheet for more product details.


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Effective in all growing media & growth stages
Compatible with all nutrients & supplement programs
Supports & boosts beneficial microbes
Accelerates the breakdown of dead roots
Works as a compost tea booster
Allows more nutrient uptake

How does HYGROZYME® work?

Let us explain to you in less than 3 minutes!


Why should I choose HYGROZYME®?


  • Increase Dry Flower Yield.
  • Increase Total Cannabinoids.
  • Prevent Root Rot.
  • Boost Compost Tea.
  • Accelerate the Root Zone.
  • Compatible with all Nutrient and Supplement Programs.

We stand apart by integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of our operations. By embracing eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and ingredients, we prioritize the long-term health of our environment without compromising product excellence. Our solutions empower growers and cultivators to achieve remarkable results while minimizing their ecological footprint.

With our extensive expertise, cutting-edge research and development capabilities, state-of-the-art laboratory, and ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility, we deliver exceptional formulations that consistently surpass customer expectations.

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Product Effectiveness Test


If you are not convinced yet, this video will show you the effectiveness of HYGROZYME® against other enzyme formulas in the market. The tissue test is just one of the ways to determine if your product has the right enzymes (cellulase) to break down dead root matter and, if it does, how effective it will be at catalyzing the biochemical reaction. The higher the amount of cellulase in the product, the faster and more effective the product will be. (Do you want to try it at home? Request a Tissue Test kit here!)


For more information, please send us an email at info@hygrozyme.com


Hygrozyme is also available in a concentrated formula.

Frequently Asked Questions

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