HYGROBENTM is a microbial root inoculant composed of 5 different bacillus species that are shown to be physiologically compatible with each other and work together to enhance yield.

All ingredients in HYGROBENTM are natural and are suitable for ornamentals, vegetable, flowering plants, etc.

Active Ingredients:

Bacillus licheniformis 1.0 x 108 CFU/mL
Bacillus subtilis 1.0 x 108 CFU/mL
Bacillus pumilus 5.0 x 107  CFU/mL
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens 5.0 x 107  CFU/mL
Bacillus megaterium 5.0 x 107  CFU/mL

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Enhances root microflora activity
Compatible with most nutrient & supplement programs
Essential ingredient when creating a super soil
Suitable for both agricultural and horticultural crops
Effective in all growing media

This is why HYGROBENTM is HYGROZYME®‘s best bud!


HYGROZYME® contains a proprietary formula that feeds the beneficial microbes present in the HYGROBENTM supercharging the root zone and resulting in higher yield potential!

Why should I choose HYGROBENTM?


  • Increase total terpene profile.
  • Increase total cannabinoids.
  • Enhance root microflora activity.
  • Increase dry flower yield.
  • Have bigger, healthier plants and roots.
  • Compatible with all nutrient and supplement programs.

We stand apart by integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of our operations. By embracing eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and ingredients, we prioritize the long-term health of our environment without compromising product excellence. Our solutions empower growers and cultivators to achieve remarkable results while minimizing their ecological footprint.

With our extensive expertise, cutting-edge research and development capabilities, state-of-the-art laboratory, and ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility, we deliver exceptional formulations that consistently surpass customer expectations.

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