What is HYCLEAN™?


A non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly cleaner that removes and prevents the buildup of salts and minerals in irrigation lines and grow media.

When paired with nutrient feed and used from the beginning of your grow cycle, HYCLEAN™ keeps your system and grow media clean, preventing toxicities or imbalances and resulting in a higher quality finished product.

HYCLEAN™ can be used for regular maintenance and cleaning of your irrigation system while growing or for a deep clean of your grow system between crops. 

For usage specifications, visit our Feed Calculator page or download below our HYCLEAN™ Technical Sell Sheet for more product details.

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Effective in all growing media & growth stages
Removes & cleans sludge
Removes excess salts, nutrients & mineral buildup

How does HYCLEAN work?





When used during your grow, HYCLEANprevents buildup of salts, minerals and fertilizers in your irrigation and drip lines.




Maintain your equipment during your grow and in between cycles. HYCLEANs natural chelating agent keeps your grow system clean, and running more optimally throughout.



HYCLEAN™ elevates your grow. It removes excess nutrients, salts, and minerals that may cause toxicities or imbalances, resulting in a higher quality finished product.



Product Effectiveness


This video will show you the effectiveness of HYCLEAN™ against other cleaning solutions in the market.

Why should I choose


  • Remove up to 90% of salt and mineral buildup.
  • Prevent nutrient lockout.
  • Reduce the electrical conductivity in the root zone by up to 56% if used as a flushing agent.  
  • Could be used throughout the grow cycle.
  • 100% safe to use with beneficial microbe products.
  • Great addition for Autopot systems, or any recipe with salt-based fertilizers.

We stand apart by integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of our operations. By embracing eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and ingredients, we prioritize the long-term health of our environment without compromising product excellence. Our solutions empower growers and cultivators to achieve remarkable results while minimizing their ecological footprint.

With our extensive expertise, cutting-edge research and development capabilities, state-of-the-art laboratory, and ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility, we deliver exceptional formulations that consistently surpass customer expectations.

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